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At Monty Investigations., We have 52 years of combined investigations and security experience, We have a highly qualified team with a wide range of backgrounds and qualifications.

At Monty Investigations, we require all our private detectives to have certification with the City of Chicago. Also, to be licensed with the State of Illinois.

All our protection agents are trainied CPR/AED/First Aid certified.

We are a private investigation team focusing on adultery, child custody, insurance fraud, civil litigation and criminal defense investigations. We have 4 full-time, licensed private detectives that are specialist within our agency. We provide prompt, thorough, dependable service to attorneys, insurance companies and individual clients throughout the Midwest US. We maintain a full range of technical and surveillance equipment, including specialized cameras, audio equipment, drone surveillance, Tech devices and counter-surveillance detection equipment. Free initial consultation. We understand the profound impact an Infidelity, custody or fraud case has on you or your business. We offer professional, compassionate service at competitive rates

Monty Investigations Provides Permanent & Temporary Personal Protection. Covert Close Protection. PUTTING YOU AT EASE, WHILE MAKING SURE YOU’RE COMPLETELY SAFE. AVAILABLE 24/7 Protection Specialist. All our Agent's can provide close protection to VIP individuals, families, groups or anyone who may be at risk in and around Chicago and beyond. After carrying out a detailed security/threat assessment, We produce a comprehensive and cost effective strategy that ensures our client can carry out their everyday activities in the knowledge that they are safe and under the protection and observation of highly skilled Close Protection Operatives. We can provide a team of highly dedicated Close Protection Operatives to keep you safe and secure at all times. This can be an obvious overt security presence or we can provide a discreet and covert operation depending on your needs. All of our services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients, both male and female Close Protection Operatives are available. All of our Close Protection Operatives follow a strict regime which maintains the privacy and reputation of our clients. Our Close Protection Operatives always conduct themselves professionally according to the cultural, political or religious environment in which they are deployed. All of our operatives maintain a high level of discipline, dress code and etiquette with maintaining discretion, loyalty, confidentiality, honesty and time keeping.

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